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    Unanswered: Average amount on detail level

    I'm working on a report for student-evaluation in a basic school here in Belgium.
    I'm using CR8 on an existing Access Database containing the fields:
    Period, Studentno, courseno, points.
    A selection is made on the period so that I have only the points for that selected period.
    A sort is made in Studentno.
    Studentno is also a group to have an individual reportpage for each student in the classroom.
    This al works well.
    On each individual report, the course and the points must be printed (is OK) plus the average and the median for that course regarding all students in the classroom for the speciafied period.
    I've tried a lot of things but it won't work.
    I've included a little example.
    If anyone could help me, I'm not an experianced CR user.
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