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    Unhappy Unanswered: Paradox records keep disappearing. Help.!!!


    Just registered, so hello all.

    My problem is, I've written a database program to handle enquiries and contracts. It was originally written using Delphi 4 Pro and I've just recently re-compiled it using Delphi 7 Pro.

    Everything went OK, but it seems that since I've done this we're having records just disappear from the tables without reason. Sometimes just 1 or 2 but the most recent occurence we seem to have lost around 100 records.

    Any Ideas.?



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    Do you know if this problem was occuring with the Delphi 4 Pro version of the program too, or has it only started to happen since you recompiled it with Delphi 7 Pro. If it happened before, then I wouldn't be concerned at all, the behavior could be "by design" or due to some other process. If it just started to happen since you recompiled the program, it is unlikely that changing Delphi versions caused this kind of problem, but you should investigate to see what is causing it.


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    Hi Pat

    It seems like the 100 or so missing records was a red herrin, saying that we still have instances of records disappearing randomly, I'm not sure when this started exactly because I only found out when a user realised something was wrong. I personally think it's human error but I just wanted to know if anyone has seen this type of problem before and if so how it was resolved.



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