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    Question Unanswered: DB2 startup with less memory

    Running AIX and UDB 7.2. I am working on creating scripts for HACMP failover and database startup. The problem is that the failover box has less memory then the production box. When we failover, I need to reflect this in the parms. Does anyone have some good ideas on how to have two different startups depending on which server it will be run on?

    One suggestion was to use DB2_OVERRIDE_BPF All Default. I will need to look into this a little more and see how it affects all the startup parms.

    Thanks in advance.....

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    Re: DB2 startup with less memory

    In your startup script for each box that HACMP runs on, have it automatically adjust those parms, have it run a file with all the parms you want to change. Then have HACMP stop/start the db 1 more time before you have what ever connecting to it.

    db2 udpate etc;

    Should only add about 1-2 mins at most to your failover.

    The override bufferpool would work, but it limits all your BP, so if you have more than 1 it would limit that too. That parm is normallly used to fix an over allocation of memory, not to run on.
    David Quigley

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