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    Unanswered: format conversion for multiple files

    i want to save a whole load of excel files into a delimited format with out opening and saving each one one by one. any way to do this in a speedy way?

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    If you mean you don't want to open and save each file manually, then this can all be done in code provided the files names have a patten or better still all reside in one directory.

    You can use the Dir() function to cycle through all the files in a specified directory as ipen & save them as a csv or other type as you like.

    Setting Application.ScreenUpdating=False will speed up the process and you wiil not know it is happening! Progress can be tracked by writing to the application.statusbar="Processing 'currentfilename'" etc.

    Unless you have a great many files and they are not very large it should not take too long !!

    Hope this is usful, if I have the wrong end of the stick (this has been known!) I apologise.


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