I was wondering if anyone can help with this query. It doesn't seem to be that hard but I am having trouble with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I have a simple select query that selects records from 2 tables based on 2 criteria.

SELECT Main.PHNQ, TeleScrp.XPriority
FROM Main INNER JOIN TeleScrp ON Main.XTeleLink = TeleScrp.XTeleLink
WHERE (((Main.PHNQ)=28) AND ((TeleScrp.XPriority)=3));

Now this query returns 840 rows, I want to update them so that 1/2 get assigned a different main.PHNQ number, like 3 . I can do it in one line in foxpro but access is new to me. Their must be a record count function that I can use but my sql is not working when I try some different statements.
Anyone with any ideas?