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    Unhappy Unanswered: update table from Dbase 5 file

    Still in relationship to the previous post that I made. I am now trying to update the product table of my databse which contains product descriptions prices , etc. As you will see if you goto the site the prices have not been recently updated. The previous sysadmin deleted or took with him the custom scripts he had written that pulled values from our inventory manangment software. We are Using Atrex 10 which utilizes a file based Dbase 5 databse to store all of its data. this data currently is housed on a windows Terminal server and was previously set to copy to our linux webserver via a cron job and then a script ran that inserted the data to our mysql server. That script is gone and so is the person who wrote it.

    I am looking for any kind of guidline on how to import dbase files into mysql, preferably some sort of automated method via a cron job or web service, but even a manual method would help.


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    For a short term solution, I'd recommend installing ODBC drivers on your windows machine for MySQL. This will allow you to treat your MySQL database in exactly the same way that you treat your dBase V datafiles.


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