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    Unanswered: Visual Fox Pro Appl. vs. XP OS(s) in a 2000 SERVER environment

    I have clients who use our software (ProtoMED) that are experiencing lock ups (delays in the network responding to a user request) on a daily basis. Is there any problem (that you are aware of) with VFP7 and XP pc(s) (in a 2000 SERVER environment)? Please help me; my job depends upon someone's response to the question. I have not been able to find any info on the websites of VFP or MS.



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    I use everyday vfp6 on 98/2000/XP with NT/2000/2003 servers without many problem: main problem is the printing system under XP, but I think it's a general problem of the SO...
    these lock ups start when you migrate to XP?

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    The most frequent cause of this is anti-virus software. When a table is accessed, AV scans the entire table and cdx/fpt. It is of course, safe to change the AV settings to ignore tables and associated index and memo files. You may even want to ignore report files, screen/form files and so on.

    I forget what the setting is called, but it's something like quick access or quick connect. Basically, make sure that network shares are attached at login time and not just at access time. There can be a significant delay if the app has to login to a share when the table is accessed.

    Another thing to check is buffering/caching settings on the client and server. Tweaking those can help sometimes.

    You should also verify your network hardware is up to snuff. Make sure no flaky wiring, hubs, switches come in to play. No cat 4 wire instead of cat 5.....

    You may also need to do some maintenance on the users pc's. Delete temp files, scandisk, defrag. Temp files can really clog up the works.

    And lastly, keep the tables maintained. Packed, indexed, archived...

    Even more Fox stuff at

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