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    Question Unanswered: DTS Design Error - Access is denied

    I am pretty new to MS SQL Server ....

    I have installed SQL Server Enterprise Manager Version 8.0. I am getting the following error while try to create a new DTS Package.

    "DTS designer Error .... Access Denied"

    getting the DTS packge design window but there is no TASK icon visible
    either in the tool bar or menu.....

    Enterprise Manager Version 8.0

    OS : Windows XP pro with SP1
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    If you go to the msdb database, the user you are using needs to have EXEC permissions on the procs that have dts in the name. This is by default granted to public, so I'm not sure why your user wouldn't have that. ???
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    See whether this KBA;EN-US;814113 is any help to you.
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