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    Hi. I'm new at relational database design, and I'm working on a shema for a study abroad organization that wants to store user responses to its various programs in a database. (they may want to tie the fields I've listed with additional information about their programs and applicants down the road). Eventually they'd like to have a system for displaying and searching these evaluations online, as well as determine which students filled out an evaluation for which program etc.) I feel like I may have too many tables however. Here goes:

    (studentID, name, class, house, email, phone)

    STUDENT_PROGRAMS [programs they've enrolled in, and when]
    (studentID, programID, program_season, program_year)

    PROGRAMS [more info to be added later]
    (programID, location)

    (studentID, concentrationID)

    CONCENTRATIONS [I want to populate a pull down list with this to keep the data clean]
    (contrentrationID, studentID)

    FORM [info about specific eval form they filled out]
    (formID, date_created, date_replaced, url)

    FORM_QUESTIONS [Many questions will repeat on different forms]
    (formID, questionID, question_number)

    (questionID, question_text, question_type)

    EVALUATION [eval season and year show which semester and year the evaluation is for, could be multiple]
    (evaluationID, studentID, formID, programID, eval_year, eval_season, date_completed)

    (responseID, evaluationID, questionID, text_answer, num_answer)

    Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading.
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