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    Unanswered: restoration time reqd in mssql2k

    Q--Is there any feature of sqlserver-2000 by which we can restore the database with minimum time by using the parallel processor?
    if the answer is yes wht is the statistics with example

    For example

    Time reqd for restoring 20GB of database 25minutes.

    with configuration of Xeon processor,1GB memory and no users are using the server.

    Basic purpose of my question is i need to give a solution to the client by using which he will be able to restore 20GB of data in 1 minutes .Is there any 3rd party utility which is available in market or can we achive this in mssqlserver2000, itself by increasing the resources like memory,cpu etc.

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    Generally, it is faster to restore differential backups (with few, if any transaction logs) than it is to restore a full backup (with many transaction logs).

    By increasing the speed of your disk I/O system, or reducing the load on your current system by performing backups or restores on less busy times, you can speedup the performance of restore.

    Consider using SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition's ability to make snapshot (sometimes called split-mirror) backups.

    Snapshot backups and restores require the use of a third-party virtual device interface (VDI) application that communicates with an enterprise storage system (ESS) that supports split-mirror or copy-on-write operations. Most likely, your current hardware doesn't support this, but if you need the speed of snapshot backups or restores, then purchasing the required hardware is most likely cost justified. Companies, such as Compaq, HDS, and EMC, offer such hardware and software.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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