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    Angry Unanswered: Query problem: Automatically resetting a sequential number list after row deletion

    Got a problem I hope some clever people can help me out with..

    I have a web form that displays a set of records in a grid. The grid is "paged" according to a PageNum column, with a dropdown box to change pages and buttons allowing the items to be moved up or down a list within a page or moved between pages. So the backend table (simplified) looks something like this

    PageNum ItemNum ItemDescription
    ----------- ----------- -------------------
    1 1 aaaaaaa
    1 2 bbbbbbb
    1 3 cccccccc
    2 1 ddddddd
    2 2 eeeeeee
    2 3 ffffffffffff
    3 1 ggggggg
    3 2 hhhhhhh
    3 3 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    The problem is when I want to delete a page - I need the page numbers to automatically resequence themselves, so for example, If I delete "Page 2" (i.e. delete rows where PageNum = 2), all items on "Page 3" become "Page 2" (and any items on "Page 4" become "Page 3" etc).

    This has proved straightforward to when deleting an item from a particular page, and can resequence ItemNum thanks to a clever bit of code found on

    DECLARE @intCounter int
    SET @intCounter = 0
    UPDATE <Item Table>
    @intCounter = ItemNum = @intCounter + 1
    WHERE Pagenumber = <Currently Selected Page>

    However I haven't been able to adapt this to resequence the Page number, as this involves resequencing blocks of numbers. The closest I can get is:

    DECLARE @intCounter int
    SET @intCounter = 1
    UPDATE <Itemtable>
    SET @intCounter = PageNum = CASE
    WHEN @intCounter = PageNum - 1 THEN @intCounter + 1
    WHEN @intCounter = PageNum - 2 THEN @intCounter + 1
    ELSE @intCounter

    But this doesn't quite work.
    Anyone got any other ideas??


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    You can't use code like this?:

    Update Itemtable
    set PageNum = PageNum - 1
    where PageNum > DeletedPageNum

    Perhaps a better solution would be to have a table of "PageNums" which contains both the page number and a surrogate key. The Itemtable would contain the surrogate key rather than the PageNum, allowing you to alter the order of the PageNums without having to update the ItemTable at all.
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    Ahhh yes...why do something simple when you can make it complicated


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    Ahhh yes...why do something simple when you can make it complicated


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