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    Thumbs down Unanswered: how to access ASP variable through javascript

    plz can any buddy tell me the answr for ???
    tanks in advance

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    <script language="JavaScript">
    var javaScriptVar = <%=AspVar%>

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    And here's a little more info about mixing server-side ASP (which gets processed first) with client-side JavaScript.

    As already mentioned by Wigz it's easy to use the value of a VBScript variable in JavaScript:
    document.writeln('<%= MyVBScriptVariable %>');

    Or here is an example which puts the value of a VBScript variable into a JavaScript alert box:
    Response.Write "<script language='JavaScript'>alert('The value is " & MyVBScriptVariable & "');</script>"

    But to send the value of a JavaScript variable to VBScript, well that's another story. You could have the JavaScript fill in a hidden form field and then post the form. That way VBScript can pick up the value of the hidden form field with Request.Form("MyFieldName")
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