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    How I can do the following in VB using RunSql:
    T1 is the first table and it's fields are O,S,C
    T2 is the second table and it's fields are F1,F2,F3

    My Problem that I get the T1 and T2 as Tabledef variable to the function and I don't know how can I get their fields in the runsql command

    UPDATE T1, T2 SET T1.O = [T2].[F1], T1.S = [T2].[F2], T1.C = [T2].[F3];

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    Re: Sql

    In VB you variables must be sourround by quotes to build your query string as will be seen by access. i.e.

    A DELETE Statement where the table name is variable

    DELETE Table.Field1, Table.Field2, Table.Field3, Table.Field4 FROM Table;

    becomes in VB or VBA

    "DELETE " & strTableName & ".Field1," & strTableName & ".Field2, " & strTableName & ".Field3, " & strTableName & ".Field4 FROM " & strTableName & ";"

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