I have two reports. The main report only has 4 fields. Geography, customer #, customer Name and current year revenue. This report shows the top 25 customers for the current year and I have a sub report with the same fields that shows the Top 25 customers for the prior year. Each of these reports are based on seperate queries all stemming from the main query that I use to create all of our revenue reports.

The problem is that when I insert the sub report into the main report I can't get it to work. I put it in the group header then I get one record for each report. If I put it in the detail I get the 25 records for the sub report for each record of the main report. I have tried linking on the only field I can which is geography since the customers are different from year to year. I have tried not having any links and I can't get it to work. This sounds to simply to be having this problem. I just want a report that will show all 25 records from the one report and the 25 records from the sub report side by side. The geography will be my prompt so I can select which every market I want. Am I doing something wrong. Thanks for any help you might have. I am getting frustrated.