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    Unanswered: DTS question

    How do I use a global rowset variable in a SQL statement where a value should be IN ( ? )

    where ? is mapped to the global rowset variable

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    Let me add some detail

    I have two different data sources.

    I need to pull from source (1) to Souce (2).

    The data pulled from souce(1) needs to be based on values in a table in source(2).

    Select fields
    from source(1)
    where field1 in ( Table in source 2)

    Is this possible with DTS?

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    try this link
    [BOL] Using Global Variables with DTS Packages

    [BOL] Execute SQL Task look lower into the doc for "Populating a Single Global Variable with an Entire Rowset"

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    I have the global variable (rowset) populated, but how do I use it in my where condition?

    where field in ( ? ) I get an error when I map the parm to the global rowset variable.

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