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    Unanswered: SQL Sub Query help

    I have four queries that I am using: 4 calls 3, 3 calls 2 and 1.
    This was the only way to get the results I wanted, with my knowledge level.

    The table it is coming from appears to have 3 keys, I am guessing that they are concatinated, Year,Incident No, and Sequence.

    I was wondering if I can make a sub query to include them all, so i dont have 4 queries doing what one can.

    Thanks in advance to the smart people out there.

    SELECT [Operation Entry].[Year Assoc], [Operation Entry].[Incident No], [Operation Entry].[Sequence No], [Operation Entry].[Outage Minutes], [Operation Entry].[KVA-Minutes], [Operation Entry].[Class ID No], [Operation Entry].RecDate
    FROM [Operation Entry]
    WHERE ((([Operation Entry].[Outage Minutes])>5) AND (([Operation Entry].[Class ID No])="4"));

    SELECT [Operation Entry].[Incident No], Max([Operation Entry]![KVA Out]) AS MaxKVAOut, [Operation Entry].[Year Assoc]
    FROM [Operation Entry]
    WHERE ((([Operation Entry].[Class ID No])="4"))
    GROUP BY [Operation Entry].[Incident No], [Operation Entry].[Year Assoc], [Operation Entry].[Year Assoc];

    SELECT [1JohnTest].[Incident No], [2JohnTestMaxKva].MaxKVAOut, Sum([1JohnTest].[KVA-Minutes]) AS [SumOfKVA-Minutes]
    FROM 2JohnTestMaxKva INNER JOIN 1JohnTest ON ([2JohnTestMaxKva].[Year Assoc] = [1JohnTest].[Year Assoc]) AND ([2JohnTestMaxKva].[Incident No] = [1JohnTest].[Incident No])
    WHERE ((([1JohnTest].RecDate) Between [Type the beginning date:] And [Type the ending date:]))
    GROUP BY [1JohnTest].[Incident No], [2JohnTestMaxKva].MaxKVAOut;

    SELECT Count([3JohnTestTotals].[Incident No]) AS [# Incidents], Sum([3JohnTestTotals].MaxKVAOut) AS [SAIFI KVA], Sum([3JohnTestTotals].[SumOfKVA-Minutes]) AS [KVA-Min]
    FROM 3JohnTestTotals;
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