db.Open "PROVIDER=MSDASQL;dsn=MARIO;uid=;pwd=;"

VB6 access dBase IV database via ODBC...
under Win2K server ODBC 4.00.6200.00 msdasql.dll 6/19/03
boolean datafield in question returns "0"/false or "-1"/true via text field just fine

Same code accessing same dBase IV database via ODBC fails:
under Win98 ODBC 4.00.4403.02 dated msdasql.dll 7/16/03
boolean datafield in question always returns "-1" or True, regardless of actual value in dBase IV database.

inspection of dBase IV file reveals that values are blank or "T" for true...
the blank fields are coming back as "True" or "-1" breaking my program...

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks, Rick