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    Question Unanswered: Decimal Fields

    Hopefully someone can help on this. I have a field that I am using from a file in Crystal Reports that is numeric 5 positions with no decimals. When the field is exported into Crystal, Crystal pulls the correct attribute of the field, but automaticlly adds a 2 position decimal to the attribute of the field. How can I get Crystal to not put the decimal attribute on the field?

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    Re: Decimal Fields

    Right click the field object on your design layout (or preview layout), select "Format Field..."

    Select the Number tab along the top.

    Select the Number format within the style box that you wish to apply, then hit OK. You'll probably want the second one down "-1123". Perhaps the third one down (-1,123), if you want display commas between each 3rd order of magnitude.

    You could also fix this by changing your System Default Number Format. Select your System Default Number Format within the Style box, and then click the customize button below. In the Decimals drop down box, select the plain '1', then hit ok
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