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    Unanswered: Oracle Reports......

    Hi All,

    I have a report format below like this :
    Say there is three sections :

    Sec A :

    Employee Details
    Dept No : 10 Page No :
    Run Date :

    Sec B :

    Empno Ename Job Sal Comm

    Sec C :

    1111 AAAA XXX 000 0000
    2222 BBBB YYY 000 0000

    All the sections are inside the repeating frame of Deptno group.

    Now the problem , if there is no records has been fetched by retprot it is showing a blank page , but my requirment is, report has to display the Sec A part ( Deptno value will be blank ) even no record has found by the report.

    Will any one help me out ??????


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