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    Unanswered: Java and PostgreSQL


    I hope you can help me.
    I have to implement an database-Gui in Java for administrating a database, here PostgreSQL.
    But I have a Problem with the errorhandling. The JDBC-driver only returns an boolean(executeSelect) respectivly an integer (executeUpdate), whether the query was correct or incorrect, but I want to specify the error-message more precisely.
    I searched for context free grammar, but I couldn't find anything, nor I found an implementation for syntax-checking.
    Do you know, whether I can find this, or is this functinality allready implemented in the PostgreSql-JDBC-driver?

    Thanks for helping me.

    Greets Djslimer

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    Why would u create one if such tools already exists?

    Tools like PGAdminIII are just excellent.


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    It's for an project, I have to do for the Universtity.
    But we have found a solution. I didn't know, that the JDBC-driver throws an usefull error-message. One in our team has catched the SQLException of the Resultset and returned null. I didn't know. But then we tried to throw the SQLException and handle it one step higher and it works.

    However, thanks for the tip with the PGAdmin-Tool.
    (for personal use, I will test it

    Greets DJSlimer

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