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    Unanswered: mde database

    how to edit my database source program if ,i was to transfer my mdb to mde database..?? can it to send back to mdb or i just what can i do to edit my source mde that..??

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    As I understand it you can edit the data in an mde database but not the object (formsreports/code) although you can add new objects/code (at least in Access97 I assume you can in later versions).

    However, normally you would split the database into a front end/backend and only convert the front end to an mde file(?). The origional front end mdb file can be updated/ammended 'off line' (link to an old/dummy backend), converted to an mde file which can then replace the old mbe file (and relinked to the 'live' backend).

    The data in the back end mdb will not be affected.

    Is that the sort of think you are wanting to do?


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