We have 12 tables in our database. The expected number of records in
these tables is around 4,50,000.
The record length of 3 tables is 32K and the record length of other 9
tables is 4k.

The proposed hardware involves a machine with 3 CPUs and data is lying
on SAN (Storage Area Network). For 365 days the data will be lying on
this database (DB2 UDB 8.1 on AIX 5L). Anticipated size of the database
at the end of 365th day is 8 TeraBytes. This database will be having
mostly SELECT operation and extremely rare moments where we will have an
UPDATE. (Ratio is 98:2)

) What is the amount of transactions / minute / hour etc
<<-- Ans -->> This is kind of active archive database and it will get its daily feed in the midnight.

ii) What is the average size of the data involved in a transaction. (How many reads,
<<-- Ans -->> There are no transactions other than the daily feed. Transactions will be only in the form of SELECT(Inquiry).
Throughout the day the ratio between SELECT and INSERT would be 98: 2.

iii) I am assuming with an 8 Terabyte database and the size of your records
your major issue will be IO. How are you attached to the SAN?
<<-- Ans -->> Through High Speed Fiber Optic Channels.

iv)Also what are you doing about backup?
<<-- Ans -->> Really didn’t thought about it. Mostly it will be in Tape (Incremental data)

v) The only database I have run close to thatsize was Oracle but these were the issues I ran into mostly. Also 3
CPU's sounds like a pretty small machine (which I am guessing at since I
do not know your transaction rates or sizes.)
<<-- Ans -->> Each CPU comprises of two CPUs internally. So that makes the count as 6 CPUs.

Please advise about the Hardware Configuration for this.

Thanks & Regards,