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    Unanswered: MySQL error - retracking the steps

    Hi there guys

    Quickly browse here
    Could you help me here to retrack a few things? I was following a MYSQL tutorial here:

    I've followed all the necessary steps all the way to the results.php page (I can search all the way to the results page which are works)

    The issue I'm having lies in the link to get to the details.php page when I enter the following hyperlink with the following parameters:

    details.php? petID=<?php echo $row_rsResults['ID']; ?>

    I entered the link as instructed and received the following result in the browser URL:


    I've made several attemps by manually entering the hyperlink which populated : "NOT FOUND" via the server.
    Do you have any suggestions as to how i may resolve this? I tried everything I could....Thanks in advance for your reply

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    In the lines of code that get the http variables look for any syntax errors and other problems. It would be helpfull if you copy and paste the php code that you wrote into the forums

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