Hi all.

We have an Informix-SE 7.24.UC8A with an application which accesses the database through Informix-CISAM.

We are using ISO8859-1 at the moment on our HP-UX 11i system.

Now we need Central/eastern-european language specific character support.

We can't mix ISO8859-2 and ISO8859-1 for this purpose, this is not good.

The only solution is to use UNICODE, HPUX 11i only supports UTF-8 (as I know).

Is Informix-SE supporting UTF-8?
How can we change to UTF-8 and how must we convert our Database to UTF-8?
I know that the first 256 chars of UTF-8 are the same as in ISO8859-1.
So conversion need perhaps not be necessary, but we must say to the Database to handle the tables from now on as UTF-8.

Do some of you know a good Windows Terminal Emulator which supports UTF-8 (we use WRQ Reflection, but I don't find any UTF-8 support there)

Thank you very much.
Michel Kohl