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    Unanswered: Editing/deleting problem.

    Hi to all,

    We have an application that used Ms-Access for its backend.
    We wanted to move up to MSDE so I wrote a conversion utility that creates the SQL database, copies all the data from the Access database, creates all the indexes and relationships.

    Now, the application used a lot of sql statements which would have to be rewritten for SQL Server so we decided to create a ms-access database with linked tables to the SQL server (ODBC). Don't tell me not to do that because I have no control over it .

    The weird thing happening now is that:
    All the records that were moved from access are fine.
    New records can be added fine.
    However, when trying to edit/delete the new records, I get an error saying that:
    Write Conflict.
    I can't change the record because it has been changed by another user since I started editing it.

    Any ideas?


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    Looks like a Locking issue with the SQL Server record.

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    When I open it in the server utility in Visual Studio.NET I can edit those records fine.

    I can edit all the records that were in the mdb file.
    I cannot edit any new ones inserted into the MSDE DB.

    I don't use an ODBC DataSource. When I open the linked table in Linked Table Manager I see the following Database = DBName.
    There is no username or password. Should there be?

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