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    Unanswered: retracking MYSQL Syntax

    I have been following a tutorial on Setting up a search page: I wanted to know if you can check the following syntax:

    Here's the story:
    See site

    I followed the tutorial successfully all the way to the above page ( My search criteria works).

    The Issue: I was told to enter the following hyperlink setting/parameter
    details.php? petID=<?php echo $row_rsResults['ID']; ?

    Which resulted in the following error on my localhost apache server:


    The objective: getting the detail page to display the full information on all cats.

    I've tried manually entering in this hyperlink and it still doesnt work

    I'm quite new to gentle......thanks alot inadvance

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    Your problem seems to be PHP, not MySQL. I think you'd get better responses in the PHP forum.


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