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    Question Unanswered: Genereal Q .... ?

    Hi All

    What is the difference between Database Management system in general with access vs oracle and SQL server ?

    plz .. i need an answer
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    Access - Microsoft product ... Single file (code and data in same file). Not bad for single user, very small business applications. NO tuning or complex design or quering.

    SQLServer - Middle tier database. Excellent GUI interfaces. Good for small to medium business applications. Some tuning capabilities, but you pretty much take what comes out of the box. Decent performance.

    Oracle - KING !!! You can make this database match your environment and don't have to just "accept the way it works". Very powerful and able to leap tall buildings in a single bounce (and faster than a speeding bullet). Oracle is almost TOO "Tuneable"... You have options or Personal Oracle (single user), Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition. A few years ago, Oracle thought they could charge hugh $$$$ for their product. They lost a few of the "middle level" players to SQLServer, but they have since come back down on their pricing....

    Just an opinion...


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    Thank You Very Much gbrabham

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