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    Unanswered: Populate Junction Table automatically

    I have two tables that I have joined with a junction table to form a many-to-many relationship. One table AIRCRAFT links through the junction table to MAINTENANCE TASKS table. One maintenance task can apply to many aircraft and one aircraft can have many maintenance tasks. The JUNCTION table contains the primary key field from MAINTENANCE TASKS and the primary key from AIRCRAFT to form a composite primary key in JUNCTION. The problem is that the MAINTENANCE TASKS table might have 2000 maintenance tasks in it. When I get a new aircraft, I don't want to add each task one at a time through a form. I was planning to use an append query. Is this the correct way?

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    a thought

    If you have 2000 checks on a craft and these are standard on first hit could you not set a set of tabbed pages so that these are called from a menu so that it populates your tables in one go. there after revert to a mainenance setup where possibly you could have the crafts requirements broken down in to sections (im not machanical but) ie section header - LANDING GEAR ----- this is then literally a check off of whats required and when it was last checked for this craft?


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