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    Unanswered: suspected distribution database

    We have a production SQL2K DB with publication.
    I found replication stopped, distribution database was marked suspect
    and log file is gowning.
    I have tried using sp_resetstatus and restart server but recovery
    said some IO errors reading distribution's datafile, so I guessed distribution database was totally dead.
    I have handful documents telling me how to remove replication and
    I am going to take that ride.
    Before I do anything real,
    is there any warning from you Prof people?
    is there any trap I may encounter into?
    is that OK to rebuild replication after I remove the dead replication?
    highly appreciate for any help and comments.
    thanks in advance!

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    Originally posted by ms_sql_dba
    see if this can help you
    Thank you very much!
    Finally, I used sp_removedbreplication to remove replication,
    it truned out a complete success message. But something I don't
    understand here,
    1.For the tables used to be replicated, there was always a replication_key
    at the end of table, I found some table's replication_key were gone,
    but some table still hold that column.
    2.I expected the transaction log file should be shrink since I have
    stopped replication, but it 's still fat, what I can do about it?
    3.In server log, I found TransactionDispenserInterface failed,
    what is that problem?

    Thanks in advance!


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    1. Since it was half-broken already, it's hard to say what went wrong while removing it.
    2. Check the recovery model of the db (suspect it's full) and set it to simple. Then do DBCC SHRINKDATABASE(...) If this doesn't help try to shrink each individual file (BOL will have specifics on SHRINKFILE)
    3. See item 1. Same goes to dispenser job.

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