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    Post Unanswered: Bulk Insert/Update Ideas

    I need a fresh set of eyes.

    On a daily basis I need to perform a bulk update. Table totals about 50,000 records with approximately 5,000 changing (deletes, edits, and new records) per day. I'd like to push just the updates somehow, but VB is too slow and I haven't found a way in to handle it in DTS. Not much experience w/ DTS.

    I'm transfering between two SQL 2000 servers w/ a VB app sitting in the middle.

    Any ideas?

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    you can break the incoming file into 3 corresponding to operations (insert, update, delete) using findstr with redirection (>)

    then for insert you just do a straight bulk insert, while for update and delete do a bulk insert into a staging table and then delete and update by joining it with the live table.

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