I have defined server side roles and have tried to restirct some users to see only partial data e.g. I have a Product dimension ( ProdCategory, ProdFamily, etc.) and selected one of the ProdCategory for the user.

Then I tried to process the cube and it gave me an error something like the'top visible level must have unique names....' so I went to edit the the Product Dimension and in the advanced propert for ProdCategory set the 'Member Names Unique' property to TRUE (the default wasFALSE)... then I processed the dimension and them the cube (I selected the rebuild option and not the incremental)....all went okay so far... I even tested the rule and it was showing data as I was expected after applying the rule...

BUT when I tested browsing the cube at the client side, the role restriction does not seem to have been applied.

Can someone please help me out.