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    Unanswered: calculte squared digit length in c++

    hi, i am a beginner in c++.

    I plan to determine the squared digit length of an integer.
    You take an integer (e.g.29( and add up the squares of its digits. This will give u another integer. I want to repeat this process using loops until i end up with a 1 or a 4. the squared digit length is the number of times this process has to be repeated before it gets to 1 or 4.

    for example, if we start with 29, we get:
    2^2 + 9^2=85
    8^2 + 5^2=89
    8^2 + 9^2=145
    1^2 + 4^2 + 5^2=42
    4^2 + 2^2=20
    2^2 + 0^2=4

    this process shows that the squared digit length of 29 is 6.


    my problem is that i don't know how to take out digits in an integer.
    does anyone know the solution to the problem above?

    thanks alot

    deperate mel

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    You should really ask your teacher, but you'll eventually be interested in the modulo function and division by ten. Please see your teacher or their assistant for more details.


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