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    Unanswered: How to change display format of my meaure?


    Is it possile to definea custom format for the 'display format' property of a measure so that the results are shown in Thousands or Millions or Billions e.g

    100,000 can be shown either as 100T
    1,000,000 can beshown as 10M
    10,000,000 1B

    Sorry if I got my numbers wrong but I hope you get the idea?

    Looking forward to your help. Thanks

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    Look, you can write code or a function using conversion and text manipulation functions to display the value however you want, but a general principle of database application design is that data formatting is the job of the interface, not the database server. I strongly suggest that you use your interface or reporting tool to format your results (and Query Analyzer is not a user interface!).
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