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    Angry Unanswered: Speed issues after splitting DB


    When I first designed a small database for the small law firm that I work for, it started out being just a basic database for holding case information. It has grown to be a decently-sized database (at least for us) as users kept asking me to add features.

    We WERE having everyone use the database (which is located on our server) at the same time because not many people will be using it at once... at least that was the plan. Now that it's completed to everyone's satisfaction, more people are using it and we're running into problems with records being locked and such.



    I decided to use the handy-dandy "Database Splitter" feature of Access and split it into a front- and back-end database.

    I am doing some testing with the FE/BE design before I switch it over to the users. However, I am finding the speed of the application to be a lot slower than if we were all to be on just ONE database.

    Access seems to pull forms, reports, and queries up slower than our current one-database configuration.

    Could anyone help explain how this might be? I would figure with each user having their own FE database on their desktop only going to the server to get the information (new Dell server w/Server SBE 2003) that things would run FASTER.

    Since I'm new to all of this (sort of), I'm sure I'm missing something. I appreciate anyone's help!


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    Have a look here for some tips on improving database performance.


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    Re: Speed issues after splitting DB

    Search the forum also. I found a couple of posts with good tips and links to articles.

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