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    I am using crystal report to create mail label. I am trying to create more than one mail label for each record (like 3 or 4 the same mail label for each record on one page). Like each record I need three mail labels, I don’t know how to do this? Please help me.


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    Re: mail label

    I don't know if you have found a solution yet or not, but here is one possible way to do what you want:

    Create a label that is the size and type that you want, i.e. 5160. Get the magins, and demensions that Crystal sets as defaults. Create a new report and supress all but the detail. Add 3 more detail sections. Then, add your fields across the report 3 times. For example, but the client name on Detail A three times across the report. Then on Detail B, add the Address 1, Address 2 on Detail C. I would create a concatenation of City, State, Zip for Detail D.

    Now, if you want to deal with not having blanks for Detail C when you have no Address 2, you will have to write a couple of formula and put them in place of Address 2 and City,State,Zip. The formula would say something like this.
    Formula NoAdd2C would be: If Address2 = "" then CityStateZip else
    Formula NoAdd2D would be: If Address2 = "" then "" else CityStateZip.
    You would put NoAdd2C in Detail C and NoAdd2D in Detail D. This would move the City State and Zip to Detail C and leave D blank in the event there is no second address line.

    A little messy, but would work. Hope it helps.


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