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    I'm trying do without change DB scheme after release application

    Situation be is(Example): I have object A with attributes a,b,c, but in future maybe
    I will have other object B with attributes a,c,d,e (Example) etc...

    Can anyone advise me solution about designing my DB scheme

    Sorry for my english

    Now I think about like this:
    Table Objects
    Id Object, id attribute, Value (Big String type)
    Table Attributes
    id attribute, Name atribute
    But atributes is very hard and I can't do like this

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    I don't understand your problem very well, but the Object-Attribute-Value design is a poor choice for most data. It is very flexible, and can adapt "on the fly" to changes in what must be stored, but it doesn't support any kind of declared integrity, and the performance is about as poor as a database can get.

    If you can give more examples, maybe someone can offer some more concrete suggestions for improvement.


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