I have just started out learning Mysql as part of my college work requires me to set up a web based notes system to act as a reminder for a technical support team. Which will hold specific information against a system and a type.

One of my examples is shown here
System = Windows
Type = Boot
Note = Make sure no cd is in the cdrom drive when booting

I have set my databse out useing three tables one to store the System information, Type and Notes. With the field names as follows

id system

id type

id notes system_id type_id

All the fields named id are primary keys. I have been useing php to interface with Mysql and have been getting on quite well being able to insert data into the tables, retrive information and link the notes tabel via a query which i am still not sure if that is the most effictive way to do it. The problem that i have now is i want to be able to delete a system but not if the system_id field in the Notes tabel requires it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


A student in need of some real help