I am using UDB 8.0 on AIX. I am using type 4 driver (db2jcc.jar) and my Web application
runs on Websphere.I call a stored procedure/sql (witih an EJB method) that returns me a resultSet of few records.I traverse thru the result set using a simple while(rs.next()) { ...}. When I do this, an SQLException is thrown saying "Invalid operation : result set closed".

I found this to happen in 4 Scenarios.

Case 1:
When there is no row in the resultset and i try to do a rs.next().( doesnt throw the exception always. works fine in few places )

Case 2:
When I traverse beyond the last record and i try to do a rs.next().( always throws the exception. looks like a valid case... but i dont get this in oracle )

Case 3:
We are using hibernate as our DAO layer to interact with the database. While traversing forward through the resultset, if i use the same connection( which had created the resultset using a preparedstatement ) to inititialize a hibernate session, the rs.next() immediately following the initialization throws me the exception.

Case 4:
when i do a rs.next(), even if the resultset has records ( and the cusror position is valid ) ( again this doesnt happen always .. works fine in most places )

I feel some configuration parameter is missing which is causing this problem.

Would really appreciate, if anyone could give me hints what could be going wrong ?