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    Unanswered: Import & Migrate


    I have two Oracle Servers 7.3 & 9i respectively.
    First I would like to import all the tables of Oracle 7.3 server to the Oracle 9i Server.
    I need to migrate the data imported from the Oracel 7.3 to the Oracle 9i format in Oracle 9i Server.

    Please help me finish the task.

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    export from the V7 DB
    import into the V9 DB
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    Oracle doesn't support importing an exp73 format dataset
    you have to export 73 instance using 8x exp utility and then it will work

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    Post export-import 7 to 9

    Originally posted by anacedent
    export from the V7 DB
    import into the V9 DB
    1. Find out all existing tablespaces in your current 7 database. You will
    need this information later in the process.

    From SQL*Plus or Server Manager Command Line (svrmgr):

    select file_name, tablespace_name from dba_data_files;

    2. Perform a full export of the database you wish to move to the 9i DB.

    From the command prompt:

    exp system/<password> file=<path>export.dmp log=<path>export.log full=y

    Refer to the Oracle7 Server Utilities Guide and any platform-specific
    documentation you may have for more infomation pertaining to the export

    3. Move the export file created in Step 1 to the server.
    If you use FTP to accomplish this, make sure the file is copied in binary

    4. Create your Oracle database on your new server:
    use OEM databases Assistant ( See 9i Docs. )

    5. Startup your new 9i database if not already strarted.

    6. Pre-create all the tablespaces that exist in the database you exported from.
    This information should have been recorded in Step 1. This is necessary
    since the paths for the datafiles will not be compatible between platforms.

    sqlplus>Create tablespace <tablespacename> datafile '<path\filename>' size xx m;

    or use OEM to add new tablespaces.

    8. Import the data into your new database:

    From the command prompt:

    imp system/<password>@<sid> file=<path>export.dmp
    log=<path>import.log full=y ignore=y

    9. Check log file for errors --- etc.

    11. Perform a full, cold backup of your new database.

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