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    Question Unanswered: ADO - Editing a Paradox record in Visual Basic

    I am in desperate need of help. I am using Visual Basic 6. I am trying to "EDIT" a record in a Paradox 5.x table. I have no problem adding, deleting. My problem is trying to edit in a table where there is an AUTONUMBER field.

    I query the table for the record, I update the field I want...No problem. When I pull that record back up, the AUTONUMBER field has changed. It is not the same when I started the edit.

    I linked the tables in access and try the same edit. As soon as I change the field and click TAB to save the record, all the fields say: #DELETED. When I close the table and reopen it, the record apprears with the modified field, and the AUTONUMBER field has changed. I need to modify the record without changing the AUTONUMBER field.

    I have also noticed one thing. This problem does not happen on one computer. The computer contains the following (3) files when I try to modify the record that are loaded in memory (idapi32.dll, idpdx32.dll, and idr200009.dll) all Borland / Inprise library files. Can someone please help, this problem has been bothering me for over 2 weeks. I know if I was using a Borland Programming environment, I could do this no problem, but the whole project was started & written in VB and I need to get it to work in this environment.


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    Re: ADO - Editing a Paradox record in Visual Basic

    Please write the code that you are using to update the table. Are you doing so using a select statement or the built in update methods of the ADO recordset? As certain methods do a DELETE and then an INSERT when you call update. Try sending an UPDATE select statement through the connection object instead i.e.

    cn.Execute "UPDATE TABLE1 SET Field1=2 FROM TABLE1", adExecuteNoRecords

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