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    Unanswered: open excel files one by one (with a 30min interval)

    Hi, I have no experience with Visual Basic but I need help from someone who has.

    Im interesting in a VB program that will open several excel file containing macros one by one.
    The files names and the directory in which the files are stored is always the same. The order in which they open doesnt matter.
    However, Id like each excel file to open 30 minutes after the previous one, to allow the macro to run.

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    Re: open excel files one by one (with a 30min interval)

    Here are some steps to get you underway, you will have to adapt the code to fit your situation:

    1) Open a new VB standard project

    2) Add a timer control to your main form

    3) Make the timer interval 30 minutes

    4) Add code to the timer_timer event i.e.

    Dim exlApp As Excel.Application

    Set exlApp = New Excel.Application
    exlApp.Open "C:\File1.xls"

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