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    Unanswered: Tools/Literature/Hints/any things to benefit SQL newbies.

    Please provide links to or sources of info for:

    Tools/Literature/Hints/any things to benefit SQL newbies.


    Cool tool-

    Good Book - SQL for Dummies .. several additions ... other sql books.

    Cool tutorials - , , , ... more .... (stuff that I may not find from a typical search engine if possible . plz.

    Hints to anything that would benefit a newbie and make SQL as easy as possible .. are extremely welcome. Please participate. Very important to me at this time. Thanks, sincerely.

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    That's a pretty big target! A scatter gun wouldn't be a start, it would take artillary to cover something that big!

    If you are looking at SQL in general, I'd recommend looking at Joe Celko, or from a more academic point of view, Chris Date.

    If you are looking for specific products or topics, I can offer more suggestions, but there is WAY too much depth to try to do that without some limits!


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    Understood. I'll work on setting some better goals/limits in regards to SQL. Thanks. Happy Easter.

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