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    Question Unanswered: computer illiterate

    Can someone please help me with my problem????
    All i want to do is open a wps. file with word perfect 10 or something, my computer will not allow me to open it, what so ever, i don't know if it's me doing something wrong or am i just that dumb!!???!! Please help someone!!!! The document i want to open is from microsoft works i don't have works, just word perfect 10, or word pad, or note pad, can i open the file on any of these??? I don't have a single clue!

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    This particular file-format is not widely accepted. If your system doesn't have a converter for it, the file can't be opened.

    Probably the best approach now would be to go back to the system that has Works installed, and save the file in a different format: one that WP can accept.

    Your problem is actually quite common ...
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    thanx for answering

    Thanx for answering me, i will try that. Good, i'm glad it's been a problem, I was begining to think i was going crazy!!
    Thanx again

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