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    Unanswered: Retrieve data from another table in subquery

    Hi there, here is my current query:

    sqlTemp = "SELECT id,code,description FROM tbl_content " &_
    "WHERE EXISTS " &_
    "(SELECT * FROM tbl_published_content " &_
    "WHERE = ORDER BY tbl_published_content.nCorrectOrder)"

    I don't get results sorted by tbl_published_content.nCorrectOrder, and have also no iea how to retrieve that values.

    Please can any one tell me how can I have access to tbl_published_content.nCorrectOrder and get it sorted by this field?

    So I can use objRS.("tbl_published_content.nCorrectOrder") or some alias?

    thanks a million!

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    Try this instead
    from tbl_content tc join
    tbl_published_content tpc
    on tc.[id] = tpc.[id]
    order by tpc.ncorrectorder

    now the correct way to do this is to create a stored procedure
    then execute the procedure from your client
    your clients will thank you.

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    Great! thanks

    I forgot to mention it was for a JetSQL database, so here is the final query if anyone is interested

    sqlTemp = "SELECT,tc.code,tc.description,tpc.nCorrectOrder FROM tbl_content tc INNER JOIN " &_
    "tbl_published_content tpc on = " &_
    "ORDER BY tpc.nCorrectOrder"

    Best regards, Eth.
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