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    Unanswered: Code Writter Outsourcing

    In responce to this topic, I have set up a poll. Does outsourcing of code writting piss you off?

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    no offence, sqlhack, but if your code is anything like your spelling... | @rudydotca
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    Originally posted by r937
    no offence, sqlhack, but if your code is anything like your spelling...
    There's a thought!

    I hope there aren't people in the states being replaced by 8 year olds from another part of the world. My guess would be that the 8 year olds can't code, know limited English (but then again, that seems to appliy to many Americans too), and lack the cultural background to write code that can be effectively used by another culture (hmmm, another point where American's are often deficient). Those people being replaced need to seriously examine what value they were providing versus what value their replacements are providing.

    I'm as American as the next guy, and I like to think more so than most. That doesn't give me any right to be xenophobic, or to expect an employer to prefer my work over someone else's work based on where I live. If I can be replaced by someone in the third world at a lower total cost to the company, I'd have a hard time justifying why they should keep me.

    At least the companies that I've worked with in the last few years seem to have more need than people in the IT area. They always want more than is humanly possible to deliver, but they are very gun-shy about hiring new people because of the problems that they've had in the past.


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