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    Unanswered: Module run-time error 2147287036

    I am using the following module in my database. The module was working fine for about two weeks and then it started giving me a run-time error and would not complete the operation. The run-time error is 2147287036 (80030004). The debug program highlights the Set my Item = my Ol App.CreateItem(olMailItem). I looked this error up on the internet and it says: There are insufficient resources to open another file.

    Here is the module:

    Public Function SendTextFile(strpath, strTableName, strRecipient, strSubject)

    Dim myOlApp As Object, myItem As Object, myAttachments As Object
    Dim MyPath As String, MyName As String

    'First, export the text file using a saved Export Specification
    DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, strTableName & " Export Specification", _
    strTableName, strpath & strTableName & ".txt", True

    'Second, create an instance of outlook, new message and attachment object variables
    Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set myItem = myOlApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)
    Set myAttachments = myItem.Attachments

    'add the recipient(s)
    myItem.Recipients.Add strRecipient
    'add the subject line
    myItem.Subject = strSubject

    MyPath = strpath ' Set the path.
    MyName = Dir(MyPath) ' Retrieve the first entry.

    'Loop through the files in the directory to attach all applicable files
    '(this is really for more than one attachment but it will work for one file too...)
    Do While MyName <> "" ' Start the loop.

    'this is where you decide what test you need... I'm just using the name itself, but you can do things like
    'attach all .txt files, etc...
    If MyName = strTableName & ".txt" Then
    myAttachments.Add MyPath & MyName
    End If
    MyName = Dir


    'send the email

    'release memory allocated for object variables
    Set myOlApp = Nothing
    Set myItem = Nothing
    Set myAttachments = Nothing

    End Function

    ANY Help would be appreciated!


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    Make sure your References are still intact.

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    The references for the module are as follows:

    Visual Basic for applications
    Microsoft Access 10.0 Object library
    OLE automation
    Microsoft Active X database object 2.1 library
    Windows media player
    Microsoft outlook 10.0 Object library

    The microsoft outlook 10.0 object library is the only one I added to run this module.

    I had the office send me a copy of the database and the module works fine here at home?????

    Any other suggestions?


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