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    Unanswered: Post Installation task of DB2

    I have installed db2 8.1 on linux machine. The current db2 users are instance user(db2inst1), fenced user(db2fenc1) and db2as(administration server). To start using the database do I have to create additional users or use the database as the instance owner itself.

    1) How do I create db2 users and test a connection from a db2 user.

    2) If I have to create a new user , to which group do I have to make him belong. I have three groups (db2iadm1 which has db2inst1, db2fadm1 which has db2fenc1 and db2asgrp which contains db2as)

    Please clarify. thanks.

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    You create users using the Linux OS facilitates to create users. They do not have to belong to any of the defined groups. You give authority to the user with the GRANT SQL command (see the SQL Reference for details) or use the GUI on the Control Center for some grants.
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