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    Unanswered: problem with HOT BACKUP

    Hi all,

    My database is in NOARCHIVED log mode and now I'm using exp/imp utility for backup/restore database logically.

    I'm going to change database into ARCHIVED log mode and make a HOT backup every night. But i'm afraid of during my hot backup process, the process may be corrupted by the disconnect of network (or some other reasons). And then Oracle Server will be shutdown at midnight as some Datafiles still be in BACKUP mode, it's so terrible for me !

    Would you tell me how can I make a HOT backup without shutdown my database if it get the disconnect of network.


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    I could not understand the database process get corrupted..?? What does it mean.? Simply put the database in Archive log mode and configure your RMAN script for backup. The script you can schedule on your DB server and it will run daily. (You may use CRONTAB if u r on Unix OS or schedule a batch mode command at specified time if u r on Wndows OS).

    The network disconnect will not come in picture..?? It is really not clear to me.. RMAN will help you for all ur need...i beleive so...


    - KR

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    thank you

    hi RastogiKamesh,

    I'm so stupid with that question, I regconized my fault.

    thank you.

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