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    Unanswered: what are the db2 users db2fenc1 and dasusr1 for ?

    Thanks guys for answering my previous question.

    I created the users according to db2 installation manual as db2fenc1( fenced user) and dasusr1( administration server user) during installation but all the configuration using control center, im doing thru the user db2inst1(instance user).

    so please tell me what are the db2 users db2fenc1 and dasusr1 for ?

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    I think everyone else is on vacation today...

    db2fenc1 - this userid is used to run stored procedures and such separate from the instance, when you create them as "fenced". Otherwise, they are run as the instance owner, which in some cases can lead to undesirable results (ie memory issues, stack overflows, etc that effect the instance)

    dasusr1 - used for the administration server, if you plan on administering the database remotely from the Control Center GUI.
    Jonathan Petruk
    DB2 Database Consultant

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