Hi all, I mostly use the Access forum, and the way things work here at dbforums makes it a true winner. A lifesaver. I can hardly imagine a forum working better for these purposes.

So, I am thinking:
Maybe there should be a possibility to donate "something" to the forum in question when a person is very happy with the assistance he/she got.

Something that would benefit all in either that forum, or dbforums as a whole.

What could that be? I invite you to give this a thought:

How would you as a member/contributor be able to feel even better here? Participate/contribute even more? What could be done by others that for example wanted to send a PayPal donation? How could such an "account" be used to make this even better?

From my side in southern Europe, speed is not an issue.
Is there some offline functionality?

One thing I really miss is the way we participated in BBS'es more than 10 years ago, using special offliners where we could organise content offline, search in our own archives etc.

Another thing would be to enhance the features of letting people get to know each other, without cluttering the focused postings in the main forums. This is perhaps possible here, but I think that designwise, the chit chat forum or others are "too far away", they should be more easily accessed while still "feeling" that you did not leave your forum to go here.
This is of course issues related to the forum software, which is not under dbforums' control, I know.

Maybe there could be a group that takes us a step further, integrating forum participation with accessing our messages from IM/webmail, so that we would stick around more? Maybe look into integrating posting feeds that scrolls live from any of the forums/topics you are interested in, not only threads you subscribe to, but general terms. maybe donations could finance a system of categorising postings to ease search and provide more flexible ways of presenting / organising content?

Could be that I am really talking about a portal with integrated forum, such as
, but they are lacking critical features that makes up well working forums like these here.

Hmmm. Just thinking.

Anyway, this is truly a great place! :-)
Thanks to any and all.

Please feel free to send me a private message or email if you have genuine interest in issues related to this.

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